DAMn simple, DAMn funny.

This ambient idea plays on the yellow safety line at above-the-ground MRT stations.the Second yellow line was used to demonstrate that with the bust-enhancing effects of Wonderbra, those who use the product need to be even farther back.
so funny and makes me laugh.hahahaha.

but without the explaination, those normal ppl they won't get it, coz during the daily life, we wont to go focus on the floor or think about those ads. but its really a nice idea for creatives.


NICE VISUAL. but a bit horrol.hehe. anyway. I like the concept.but somepart might let me remember the ads of PLAYSTATION.
hmm. it's from SAATCHI&SAATCHI in Singapore.


Its a nice idea. cover it or uncover, but the things is if I'm not so carefully, mightbe I destroyed the envelop already.
hmm..coz there is little ppl will open an envelop by that way.
however, it's a nice idea.

As what happend these days. I only felt once u decide you want to choos a way of living. u should used to and Join their game.
and nver never suffer from them.

Olympus E520 campaign.

Advertising Agency: Turn Creative, Hong Kong

when I firstly saw this ads. I felt its quite interesting . ANTI-HANDSHAKE.
but after I think a while, I concidered somthing was wrong there,
"Introducing the anti-handshake E-520." IS it means dis camera can make ppl stop handshaking? ...
and one more thing, which part can control u stop handshaking is your HAND, not ARM. that is wat so funny here.
I saw som1 said "although the arm like that, But I'm sure I still will hand-shaking."

A GUD IDEA. is there, almost there, but weak visual destroyed everything.

Desktop design.

here are some desktop for download.inside there is one image from Shanghai.
just download it freely.

Flower power?

Nice visual of this ads. really, but the meaning or the message goes to another way .
let's say the new smell of flor is the point of purchase. but not means the focus points to show how great is flowers.
hmmm... I dun get dis ads actually.

New campaign, from BBDO bankok.

This is the new campaign for SEIKO's alarm clock..
For me I felt d concept is ok but not every1 can understand immediately. they will just thought there is sumthin very danger,
but later when they saw the pic of SEIKO's clock, there r two type of thinking they will haf, one is felt dis clock is the same as
those danger objects, another thinking mayb is felt dis clock can make them wake up very fast. but might not good for health.
anyway. the whole idea is ok, but the way of visual is a bit nt as strong as concept. However, I like it.

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