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Advertising Agency: JCHS-LA LUZ, Lima Peru
Creative Directors: Alvaro Naddeo, Jaime Chehade,
Creative: Jaime Chehade
Art Director: Norberto Noriega
Production Company: La Luz
Director: Gonzalo Otero
Editor: Mario Ching
Sound Studio: Artisan Studio Lima, Rodrigo Malnati, Harrison Love

With the understanding of TVC ads. I felt the most important thing is to make your target audience understand and feel interested of your ads, and do remember to let them feel what you feel. Such as some ads are very funny and humor, I bet people will feel very relax to watch those kind of ads. and then, another type of TVC could be Touching ads. such as dis one. For me, I do absorbed myself into dis ads. and it moved me a lot.
What about you?

Underwater Love - Smoke City
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